Christian Aid

Sewerby Methodist Church is an active supporter of Christian Aid and appoints a church member to be a co-ordinator. This is an annual appointment, reviewed each year. Retired minister Marie Dove leads a team to organise events for Christian Aid Week, house to house collections being one of our main sources of income.

Christian Aid week in 2016 was 14-20 21 May when £458.55 was raised from house to house collections. During the week church members and volunteers go round various specified streets in the area, firstly putting envelopes through doors and then returning a day or two later to knock on doors to retrieve them, hopefully containing donations. This is not an easy task and requires stamina and broad shoulders!

A further £140.60 was collected in church. At the end of the week the money was counted and paid into the national Christian Aid account.

4 church members took part in the annual Humber Bridge Cross organised by West Hull Circuit and raised a further £423 in sponsorship money.

All in all, £1022.15 was collected by Sewerby, which, when added to the collections in another 14churches in and around Bridlington, raised a total of £2852.08, £1806.65 of which was raised by the Methodist churches in our circuit.

As well as raising money during Christian Aid Week, members took part in fund raising along with the other churches in our area for a special Christian Aid project to raise £5000 towards their partnership empowering people in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. This project is working togive the people the confidence to question those in power and make them accountable for their decisions and actions. Because we have raised the money earlier than our target date of the end of March 2018, we have increased our contribution to £7000 so are continuing to raise the extra £2000.This project was match funded 3:1 by the European Union thus increasing the amount raised to £20,000 and hopefully £28,000 on completion.

The advantage of the special projects is that the money is targeted at a specific project and is usually match funded. Christian Aid works with their partners in these countries and no money goes directly to the governments of these countries.

Our latest update on the project, one year on from its start, shows real changes are happening for citizens across the province of  Maniema thanks to the work Christian Aid’s partner the Episcopal Justice and Peace Committee. We hear from Leonard Kimbili Libala, who is thankful to the project for the peace it has brought him , and the hope of a more secure future in the DRC for his five children. He says one of the most important improvements since the project started is the cooperation between the government and the people, and the bridges of collaboration that are being built.