Luncheon Club

Meet: Generally on the third Monday of the each month commencing at 12.30 pm.

Club contact: Mrs Joan Bayne tel: 01262 678327

Why do we have a Luncheon Club at Sewerby Methodist church?

There is no better way to make friends than to invite them for a meal and so in May 2004, the first invitations were sent out and now 40 people meet regularly for lunch once a month. A main consideration when setting up this group was to serve the community in which the church is situated. Therefore the members attending have either an affiliation to our church or live in the village of Sewerby itself.

The running of the Club is only made possible by the willingness of so many people who offer a helping hand to cook and serve the meal, to transport the less mobile to and from their homes, or to chat or just listen to those who come.

After two main courses, a cup of tea and 1½ hours of fellowship, the volunteer drivers arrive and so bring the happy gathering to a conclusion.

List of 2017 dates for the Luncheon Club:- 16th January; 20th February; 20th March; 24th April* ; 15th May;                     19th June; 17th July; 21st August; 18th September; 9th October *; 13th November *; 4th December *

* means   ‘not the third Monday’.