Mission Group

The Church Council at Sewerby Methodist Church has decided that in future years,    10% of its income should be set aside and donated to deserving charities. To this end, a small sub-committee was appointed to discuss and decide upon which charities were to receive a donation. The list would be reviewed each year.

The sub committee made the following recommendations which were approved by the Church Council in February 2017

The sum of £4,450 to be distributed between the following organizations:

  • Action for Children (formerly National Children’s Homes NCH)               £400
  • Methodist Homes for the Aged ( M.H.A.)                                                 £400
  • All We Can (formerly M.R.D.F.)                                                                £400
  • Kingfisher Trust (for homeless in Bridlington)                                          £250
  • Water Aid – Local to Maasai Kenya                                                         £500
  • World Church                                                                                           £400
  • Mission Aviation                                                                                       £300
  • Red Cross                                                                                                £350
  • Bridlington Street Angels                                                                          £250
  • School Project Uganda                                                                             £200
  • Open Doors Project, Hull                                                                          £400
  • Sand Dams Appeal                                                                                   £500

                                                                                                                      Total:  £4450            

N.B. The allocation to Water Aid and Maasai Kenya was stipulated to purchase a Tool Kit as per their 2016 appeal.

These allocations use up all the 2017 amounts plus the amount left over from last year