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We are very grateful to have use of one of the Church rooms for our recording studio.

What is it?

Bridlington Talking Newspaper is a free service originally for the blind and partially sighted but now, due to advances in modern technology, it can be accessed by anyone who has any form of disability that gives them reading difficulties. 

We produce a fortnightly recording approximately 90 minutes long, of articles mainly from the Free Press. This is posted on  a USB memory stick, free of charge, to all our listeners who are registered blind or partially sighted and it is free postage to return it, listeners are also provided with a free memory stick player if necessary. However, the recording can now be accessed on the telephone by dialling a local number - 01262 310410, or on the internet at We are also experimenting with the use of Amazon Echo devices which allow listeners to use just voice commands to control the listening experience. 

Want to join?

Just send us a message using the contact page on this website or phone 01262 676709 for further details.